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Since 2017 We helped and continue helping entrepreneurs make their visions a reality

Our solution


We assist you in accessing capital by utilizing our diverese network of investors, which consists of angel investors and native web3 funds that add the most value.

Business strategy

We specialize in business mediation and can help you seal important transactions, partnerships, and deals, among other things thanks to our industry knowledge and extensive worldwide network of ecosystem partners.


We support the organic growth of your project's community. A CMO and a dedicated team are provided as part of our all-inclusive service to handle community management, social media, graphic design, and — most importantly — content planning for all major social media channels.

Our process

Introductory call / Due Diligence

We have an introductory online conversation to talk about your situation in detail as well as to validate the founder and the mission.
Setting expectations and strategy

In order to attain the desired milestone, we develop a workable plan of action and activate the client's and our own available resources.
Walking the talk

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If you are ready to [think] act outside the box – so do we!
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